It depends on the situation and the device you are using the receiver with, but we generally recommend:

The receiver displays “Connecting…” but doesn’t connect to my PicoMic

Most likely, your PicoMic is completely discharged.
Put your PicoMic in the charging dock and plug a USB cable to start the charge. During the charge, the PicoMic LED will blink yellow.

How to connect my receiver to the PicoMic microphones?

Just remove your PicoMic from the charging dock, and the PicoStream receiver will automatically connect to your microphone.
If it doesn’t, please check the user manual to know how to pair your microphone.

I have a terrible hiss noise on my recordings

Most likely, you have an output gain that is too low on the receiver, or a mic gain that is too low.
For the mic gain, we recommend using +18dB or +24dB. Lower gains will usually lead to a very noisy recording, and should be used only in very noisy situations.
For the output gain, you should use:

If you use the Panasonic GH5, we recommend using specific settings – check the next section.

Panasonic GH5 – how to get good results?

The Panasonic GH5 needs a specific configuration in order to work properly.
On the GH5, use the following settings:
Disable the Mic Level Limiter.
Else, you will waste 6dB dynamic range.
Set the Mic Level to -12dB.
On the PicoStream receiver, use the following settings:
Force the output mode to TRS.
The GH5 has a TRS+TRRS input, and we want to have a stereo TRS input.
Use a -9dB output gain if you use the -24dB attenuator cable.
Use a -32dB output gain if you use the standard TRRS cable.


You’re ready to record! With these settings, you will get a very large dynamic range, and a very low noise floor.