What is the difference between the PicoMic 2 and PicoMic 2 Pro?

The only difference it that the PicoMic 2 Pro has an external microphone / audio input, while the PicoMic 2 doesn’t.
There is not other difference, both have the same level of performance and range.

Make sure that you are running a firmware V2.x. Older firmwares have different gain levels.
It depends on the situation and the device you are using the receiver with, but we generally recommend:

No TRS cable in the box

We ship a TRRS – TRRS cable in the box – and this cable can be used both for TRS and TRRS modes!
The TRS or TRRS mode can be selected in the Output Menu (check the user manual).

The receiver displays “Connecting…” but doesn’t connect to my PicoMic

Most likely, your PicoMic is completely discharged. Put your PicoMic in the charging dock and plug a USB cable to start the charge. During the charge, the PicoMic LED will blink yellow.

The receiver does not show as a USB drive

The receiver will only appear as a USB drive when you are in Firmware Update mode (the screen will then show “A firmware update is needed…” and a list of steps).
Make sure to follow this procedure here to start the firmware update mode.

How to connect my receiver to the PicoMic microphones?

Just remove your PicoMic from the charging dock, and the PicoStream receiver will automatically connect to your microphone.<
If it doesn’t, please check the user manual to know how to pair your microphone.

I have a terrible hiss noise on my recordings

This usually happens when you use gains that are too low (mic gain and/or output gain) and you are trying to increase the volume in post-production.
Your mic gain should be set so that the audio level is this zone on the VU-meter of the receiver:
Your output gain should be set so that the max level on your camera is almost at the maximum level:

What wall charging adapter do you recommend?

We recommend using an USB charger that can has an output current of 1000mA / 1A.