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PicoMic 2 & Receiver Kit

Long-range version


Get the new PicoMic Wireless System from PicoGear.
A game-changer professional wireless system.


The world’s smallest wireless microphone.
Clip & go! Get an incredible crystal-clear audio within seconds.

Broadcast quality audio.
Industry-leading digital microphone with 24-bits / 48kHz audio sampling, providing incredibly clear audio.

Dual connectivity.
Stream two microphones at the same time, mix them together on the receiver. Best microphone system for journalists, YouTubers, and filmmakers.

200m range.
Meet PicoGear’s digital audio wireless technology. Up to 200m range with PicoGear’s patented Wi-Fi detect & avoid technology.

20h battery life.
Up to 20h of uninterrupted audio streaming.

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Specs - PicoMic 2

Dimensions 1.7″ x 0.7″ x 0.28″
43mm x 17mm x 7mm
Weight 8.0g
Microphone type Omni-directional digital microphone
Audio sampling 24-bits @ 48kHz
AF frequency response 20Hz – 20000Hz (after high-pass filter)
Max. audio level 130dB SPL
Battery life 20h (<10m distance)
10h (worst-case @ 200m)
Full charge time Approx. 1h
Selectable gain -18dB to +12dB in 3dB steps
Audio limiter Threshold: -6dB
Attack time: 1ms
Release time: 200ms
Wireless system WAV/SYNC PicoGear System
2.4GHz worldwide license-free band
Adaptative high-speed frequency hopping with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth avoidance
RF power Auto-adaptative – up to 50mW (long-range version)
Audio latency < 1 frame @ 60FPS
Inter-mic latency < 1µs
Provided with 1x Clip-on custom windshield
1x User manua

Specs - PicoStream

Dimensions 4.5″ x 2.4″ x 0.7″
115mm x 61mm x 17mm
Weight 110g
Power source Internal battery
External supply with micro-USB / power-bank compatible
Full charge time Approx. 2h
Battery life 20h – 30h (depending on screen brightness)
Audio output types Audio 3.5mm jack – TRS + TRRS modes
Audio output impedance 220 ohms
Audio output modes TRRS mode
L channel: MIC1 – MIC2 – MIC1+2 – NONE
R channel: MIC1 – MIC2 – MIC1+2 – NONE
TRS mode 
Mono channel: MIC1 – MIC2 – MIC1+2 – NONE
Audio output gain -24dB to +24dB in 3dB steps
Headphones output 3.5mm jack audio output
Supported impedance: any between 10ohms and 100ohms
VU-meter display RMS and PEAK values between -40dB and 0dB
Display 2.4″ high-contrast IPS display

Pack content

1 PicoStream Receiver
2 PicoMic 2 microphones
+ 2 clip-on windshields
+ Transport case
+ Universal TRS + TRRS cable
+ Hot-shoe mount adapter
+ Quick-start Guide