Latest firmware

Make sure you always use the latest firmware version, to get all the latest features & improvements!

Download the latest firmware | V2.8

Latest firmware version: V2.8 (released January 2023)


How to update your firmware

  1. Go to the Settings menu  and select Firmware Update. The receiver should display an update screen “Firmware update mode”.
    If you don’t get to this page (ie. the receiver just reboots in normal mode), press the DOWN button while powering up the PicoStream receiver. This should lead you to the “Firmware update mode” page.
  2. Connect your receiver to a computer with the USB cable.
  3. The receiver will appear on your computer as a USB flash drive:

    Copy and replace the old firmware by the new one that you have downloaded fw_rx2.par.

  4. Wait until the copy is finished! Then eject the USB flash drive.
  5. Press OK on the PicoStream receiver to finish the firmware update.

The PicoMic microphones will have their firmware updated automatically when they are put back on the receiver.



Firmware 2.x – what’s new

Audio Output Assistant

We introduced a new assistant screen, to help you configure the PicoMic receiver output settings.

Common devices, such as the Panasonic GH5 and the Sony A7III, are provided in the devices list, with preset optimum gain settings.

Better audio quality

The PicoMic is now able to capture the full audio spectrum down to 15Hz – giving a more natural tone to voice and music.
An optional 100Hz high-pass filter can be enabled to reduce low-frequency noises such as A/C, fan noises, etc. if needed.

Improved limiter

We got many requests to improve the limiter quality and reduce the audio distortion – done!

Gains display change

We changed the gains display, so that 0dB is now a mid-range gain and is the default, recommended value.
For example, a mic gain of +18dB on the V1.x firmware corresponds to a gain of 0dB on the V2.x firmware, for the same audio level.
This brings the PicoMic receiver closer to common audio devices.

Firmware 1.x Firmware 2.x
Mic gain -18dB to +30dB
Recommended value: +18dB
-18dB to +12dB
Recommended value: 0dB
Output gain -54dB to 0dB
Recommended value: -24dB
-24dB to +24dB
Recommended value: 0dB

The transition is made automatically when you update the firmware.

And more…

Including range improvement for some devices, and many bugfixes.
We highly recommend that you update to this version!

Change log

V2.0 (released March 2020) – first release for V2.x firmware series (check above for changes).
V2.1 (released July 2020) – improved stability & minor bug fixes.
V2.3 (released February 2021) – minor bug fixes & add support for the PicoMic 2.
V2.4 (released July 2021) – add support for the PicoMic 2 Pro, improve WAVE/SYNC performance, improve MIC1+2 mode quality.
V2.5 (released August 2021) – add a “Keep Pressed to power off” feature, add a screen brigthness setting, fix a power consumption issue on PicoMic 2 Pro.
V2.6 (released July 2022) – minor bugfixes on latest PicoMic 2 hardware, fixing initial connection issues.
V2.7 (released September 2022) – improve the connection stability, fix a rare black screen issue on the PicoStream latest hardware.
V2.8 (released January 2023) – fix a rare issue on the PicoMic where the audio level dropped and couldn’t be recovered, re-introduce the “Test tone” feature.